Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Polar Bear Trip Preparation

I enjoy traveling experiencing Nature in all it's beauty. I am trying to get this working so I can share my experiences on a trip to visit the Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. In eleven days I fly to the land of open spaces, cold waters, snow, and the magnificent Polar Bears.Hopefully we will also see the arctic fox, and the ptarmigan. All of them are white, so one has to be alert to seeing movement, and then distinguishing what it is.
Time is being spent getting a travel hard drive ready for use both on a Mac and a PC, checking equipment lists, clothing lists, etc. Thanks to my daughter, Klara, I will be warmly dressed with the use of some of her cold weather gear.

Please join me as I enjoy this adventure traveling from San Diego to Churchill, MB, Canada.


  1. Looking good. Too bad you had to start over but hopefully now it's all working. Hope all those clothes keep you warm.

  2. You look really prepared, warm, and colorful. Have a great adventure. The MacBook Air sounds like a great improvement.