Sunday, July 14, 2013


Another week has flown by and once again I am playing catch up.

The highlight of the past week was the North Rim Celebration of the Fourth of July. Due to the fact we are in a ponderosa pine forest and the constant concern for wild fires there are no fireworks here.

The celebration here consists of a giant water fight/parade in front of the Grand Canyon Lodge. All departments of N.P.S. participate as do all of the concessionaires: The Wranglers, and the employees of Forever Resorts. Before the parade there is a general free for all with visitors and employees where they all have a friendly water fight. All are invited to participate, but there are dry zones set up for observers, and a rule that if you are in uniform you are not to be sprayed. This shenanigans starts about 1500 with the official parade starting at 1600.

The parade consists of decorated vehicles manned with riders armed with water guns, buckets of water, and hoses. As the vehicles circle in front of the Lodge they all participate in the water fight. This year started with a moment of silence for the Granite Mountain Hot Shots who died just a few days before while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire here in Arizona.

We have also experienced our first monsoon weather. We have had several good down pours here at the Village area as well as several reports of hail at the entry gate. With the onset of the monsoon season I have started my quest for photography of the lightning which occurs with the passing storms. I have succeeded several time in capturing the lightning though it is a bit light in the images as they were captured during the afternoon hours and it was about 12 miles away. A couple of the shots have both a rainbow and lightning.

Here are the images for this week >>>>>  

A different view along the Bright Angel Point Trail--

Independence Day Fun -

Thunder Storm over Walhalla Plateau -

Thunderstorm over Navajo Reservation from Roosevelt Point ---

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