Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The next day we were off for sunrise at Point Imperial. 


The area had just recently been opened up after a major fire had burned in the area to the North of the Point and then West. Once again the weather was not favorable for a nice sunrise but we stuck around for a while and I took a few pictures.

We then returned to the Lodge and had our traditional breakfast of coffee and a scone from the Rough Rider Saloon served by our friend Robert, the master barista and ardent hiker of the Canyon and neighboring locations. It was great to see him. We had hoped for a more in depth visit, but he was off after the morning work for three days of camping and hiking in the area. We then visited a while with Vickie at the Mule Desk. At the Visitor Center I was thanked and complimented for the Wildflower Books that I had compiled and are still being used regularly by the staff.

We then set off to the Employee area and onto the Administration area. In the housing area we touched bases with Sharon, who has been working the dining room for about 20 years.  Finally we were off to the Admin. area. Before we got out of the housing area we met up with Mike K., who we worked with for ten years, and Bill who we had known there for about seven years.  At the Admin. office we saw Steve from the back country office, and finally Bill Archard, who is now the head of Law Enforcement. We had worked with him and his wife, Sarah for a couple of years before they had moved onto another Park. They are now back with their six year old son, Parker.

Parker started the school year today in Kanab (80 miles to the North), and Sarah had signed on as a teacher’s aide. They were in Kanab, but they insisted on returning to the Rim to join us for dinner at the Archard’s home. It was a great visit and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Parker.

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