Saturday, June 3, 2017



We were off early this morning, before 0500!! to be ahead of traffic as we drove North on I-15. It did not really work. We were North of Temecula within an hour, but then things got crowded and slow. It took over another hour to reach Norco. Things began to clear up North of CA 60 and we had smooth driving from I-10 North.

After checking into our motel, The Big Pine Motel, we headed for
Bishop and a rendezvous with our daughter Tina, her husband Justin, and good friends DawnMarie and VidaRose. We got to the Fairgrounds in Bishop in time to see DawnMarie compete in donkey driving classes. 

                 DawnMarie and Mr. Ear E Sistable

It was fun to watch these long-eared animals competing and having to perform specific skills such as backing up their carts, weaving around cones in a circle, and going through various obstacles while being timed. They have changed the program around so we do not get to see the various English jumping classes which are now held on Tuesday morning and are really enjoyable to watch.

After the afternoon classes we watched Tina practice her dressage course for tomorrow's competition.

 Tina and her mule Ima---

We then hurried off to Amigos Mexican Restaurant where we enjoyed a family meal with excellent Mexican food. It has become a tradition to eat there on Tuesday evening as their Special is baby lobster enchiladas!


This morning we went for an early morning walk on the West side of town, and then enjoyed a breakfast of coffee, sweet pretzels, and bananas. As the sun came out we experienced the emergence of painted lady butterflies....

They swarmed over the roof of the motel and then continued on their way to the West. 

Tina was competing in two English dressage classes. Luckily for us her fist start time was about 0845, a decent hour. Dressage is the art of riding and training a mule in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility, and balance. It is the guiding of a mule through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movements of the rider's hands, legs, and weight. Today’s competition was riding English saddle.   

In the afternoon there were English Pleasure classes. Here the mule is shown at the walk, trot and canter with loose reins without undue restraint both ways in the arena, and must be able to back willingly. Tina placed in both classes and was pleased as most of the other riders were trainers. 

Grandstand View of White Mountains

Mules competing in the Jumping Class ---

DawnMarie and her Mom, VidaRose, competed with donkeys.

DawnMarie and Mr. Ear E Sistable

Late in the afternoon was the first round of team roping which we did not watch this year. There were no classes in the evening so we drove back to Big Pine and enjoyed a nice sandwich which had been prepared at Schat’s Bakkery in Bishop.

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