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It was about a two hour drive to Kalispell where I checked into Hilton Homewood Suites. Prior to getting my room I had some breakfast at their buffet, and then did some computer work. I was able to go to my room about 1130. I unpacked and took a nap while waiting for the family to join me. They were all coming from Lincoln where they had been together for a couple of days at Klara's abode.

My first memorable trip to Glacier was when a fellow teacher, Sudy Cadwell Schneider, and I drove across country in my 1964 VW Bug. It was a whirlwind trip. We spent one day in Glacier National Park driving the Going to the Sun Road.

I found my slides from that trip and had them scanned so we can see changes which have occurred in 59 years:





1964 Clements Mountain


Reynolds Mtn.

1964 REYNOLDS Mtn.

2023 REYNOLDS Mtn.

ST. MARY LAKE: Note snow on distant Mountains.

1964 St. Mary Lake 

2023 St. Mary Lake

Wednesday, July 26:

Planning our days:

Plotting Our Days

After failing to get a Pass for access to Going To Sun Road, we opted to go to Two Medicine Lake whose access was on the East side of the Park.  

 One of our stops was at Marias Pass, elevation 5213 feet.  
This low pass crossing through the Rocky Mountains and over the Continental Divide was developed so that the Railroad could reach the West Coast fairly easily.

It was a long day of driving for Tina, but once at Two Medicine Lake we enjoyed a windy lunch on the shore and then a little hiking, some photography, and painting by the girls.

Two Medicine Lake

Mt. Sinapah and Two Medicine Lake

We also visited their Visitor Center and Gift Shop where we bought several items including a new jacket for George, and a couple of water bottles, one of which I left on the plane as we flew home!! Another purchase was a mystery story that takes place in the area of Glacier. (It was a very good read: A Sharp Solitude by Christine Carbo.)

The return to Kalispell went smoothly and we enjoyed many of the views once again.

THURSDAY, 27 July:

This morning we succeeded in getting the three day pass for Going to the Sun Road effective starting  tomorrow, the 28th.

After breakfast we were off to the town of Big Fork for a touristy type of day. This was by design so that Tina had an easy day of little driving. The town of Big Fork, is home to art galleries,  restaurants, and a variety of small stores. We enjoyed meandering along main street, enjoying the many galleries and specialty shops.  We were tempted at a jewelry store where Tina and I found some very nice jewelry to add to our collections.  

We enjoyed an early dinner at Bonfire which had an  interesting cuisine mixing American and oriental flavors. 

Once back at our suites in Kalispell we enjoyed relaxing and knoshing on desert, and a little wine.

Friday, July 28th:

We enjoyed breakfast once again in the Pickerel Suite. We then packed snacks and gear for the day on the Going to The Sun Road. We were on the road by 0800.

The road is quite mountainous and winding, but the various views are well worth the many opportunities to stop and enjoy.

Bird Woman Falls (Just below Snow/Glacier)

Bird Woman Falls is named after Sacajawea who is well-known as the Indian woman that led Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition to find the Pacific Ocean.
The Falls were sculpted by a Glacier hundreds of thousands of years ago. This Glacier was also responsible for carving out the valley below Logan’s Pass as well as Lake McDonald.

There was no parking available so we proceeded to the East Side of the Continental Divide to the Jackson Glacier Overlook.

Here are a couple of views of the Jackson Glacier:

We slowly proceeded back to the West with stops along the way to enjoy the view, photography, and some painting. Oh yes, there was also a lunch stop with a view.

 Oh yes, there was also a lunch stop with a view.

Once again Chefs Justin and Tina prepared dinner.

Saturday, 29 July:

This morning we were off at 0615 for our drive and exploring the Logan Pass area. Once again there was no parking available so Tina dropped us off near the Visitor Center and went to Jackson Glacier Overlook to park. We were above the clouds for a short time.
Looking Over Logan Pass Parking Lot

Once she was back with us after taking the shuttle, we went up the Hidden Lake Trail a short distance where we set up for breakfast. We had great views of the area.

After we regrouped I did a quick stop at the Visitor Center. Then we caught the shuttle to return to the car. Then we headed back to Kalispell with stops along MacDonald Creek.
Views across the way:



Klara, Tina, and George crossed a foot bridge over the creek and went downstream along a trail. Justin and I hung out and watched a couple of families play in the creek. I am sure that they enjoyed the coolness. Meanwhile I was photographing parts of the falls.

I watched two fly fishermen walk down stream and start casting. Each of them was successful in catching a fish.

In Columbia Falls the cooks needed to do some more shopping. The sky was pleasant to watch as the sun set.

This was a wonderful time together sharing time in Glacier National Park. Tomorrow we go our separate ways with Klara returning to work here in Montana, Tina and Justin returning to Ohio, and us flying home to San Diego.


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