Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am once more playing catch up with entries. The past week did not seem that busy, but there is always something happening, and things to do.

Sunday the 1st of September was my last day to go to Cape Royal for Archaeology as well a chance to stay out there for sunset. The road to Cape Royal closed on September 3rd for the season for repaving, and improvements to view point parking areas. They can not have just one lane open as the road is narrow and there are no shoulders. There have been times when two vehicles pass that can be scarry because someone takes a large RV out on the road though it is not recommended. I have been known to yell at people as they pass even though they can not hear me (probably just as well).

I got a real treat though. I had finished my Archaeology Talk, and was picking up the signage, when one of the kids came along and offered me an Hagen-Daz ice cream cup!!! It was his big brother’s birthday so the family had bought the ice creams in Kanab, UT and stored them for the occasion in their small RV freezer. Sunset at Cape Royal was pretty good, though popular with other photographers as well.

I had two sessions of my photo talk and they were well received though the weather was not particularly good. As a matter of fact, last night’s photo walk was with the sun completely hidden behind clouds so that there was no color in the Canyon.

During our “Weekend” we made chicken paprika for four of our neighbors. They are the Grand Canyon Association bookstore employees and we have enjoyed working with them a great deal this year. Most of the time we are working with Jerry and Jeanie Harlin, and one day a week we work with Pat and Paula. Jerry and I have enjoyed sharing photography adventures, especially lightning photography. We both took turns at baking as well. George made a batch of his chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and I made my second batch of sourdough bread. The sourdough has been working wonderfully since I changed over to a better grade of flour. I had always used Gold Medal Better For Bread Flour, and the results seemed O.K. Well I went to Wheat Montana Flour, which is a bit more expensive, but the results have been lighter English muffins, and the bread is light and has a great texture.

The Monsoon Season continues with almost daily rain here. We went off on Thursday afternoon to do a hike along the East Rim, but got rained out just as we were about to start our hike. We returned home and went for a hike along the Transept and Bridle Path Trails with no rain. It was good to get out for an unofficial hike even though it was really in our back yard.

Today, I had roving at Pt. Imperial. I opted to hike the Pt. Imperial Trail which goes North to the Park boundary. The hike is not particularly scenic, and is through an area that burned ten years ago during the Outlet Fire. There is not much shade, and the vegetation is mostly a young aspen forest.  The monsoon clouds were building as I set out so there was only a short stretch in sunlight. Then there was some rumbling of thunder.  I made it to the Saddle Mountain Trail Head before it started to rain. As a matter of fact I enjoyed a quick lunch in a camp chair at an unattended campsite with a great view. Thankfully I had my poncho with me which kept we dry and warm until I returned to Pt. Imperial. May have another flower to ID for my book as well.

Here are a few pictures >>>

Butte Top
Monsoon Afternoon, Cape Royal
 Dilemma of how to frame Tree within picture --

Walhalla 1

Walhalla 2

Walhalla 3
 Wotan's Throne: Bits, Pieces, and all --

Vishnu Temple

Late Light on East Rim

Wotan's Throne

Capturing the Moment

Sunset from the Cape

 Around the No. Rim >>>

George doing Solar Viewing

Ponderosa Forest

Brahma and Zoraster's Temples

Sunset Sky over Walhalla Plateau

Around The North Rim >>

Stellar Jay with Nut

Golden Mantled Squirrel
Stellar's Jay

Footwear for Hiking

Along Pt. Imperial Trail >>

Dwarf Goldenrod with Bee

Baby Horned Lizard

View of Saddle Mountain Trail

Rain Approaching while lunching

Mushroom Stack on Tree Stump
 North Rim Views >>>

Forest View

Hoary Aster

Least Chipmunk

Salsify gone to seed

Shaggy Mane Mushroom Family (Edible)

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  1. Sorry I missed all that baking. And the mushrooms.