Monday, September 16, 2013


This is the end of another busy week. I have been working on updating my Flora of the North Rim book and it has meant a lot of time with my nose in flower books and searching the web. There are several sunflower species which are difficult to pinpoint. Then yesterday I found another one!!

The early part of the past week was quite wet which got tiresome for us as everyone wanted to know when it would stop raining, and the clouds would lift. It has been drying out the last couple of days, but yesterday I did get rained on while roving at Pt. Imperial, and on the drive back to the "village". It cleared off nicely for George's star party last night though.

I will try to get some pictures into this but we are off in another day for Idaho to visit our daughter, Klara. So there are lists to be generated, and packing to do. Of course there is more photography to be done as well.

She may be able to help me with the botany but this really not her location. :-)

Prickly Lettuce

Saddle Mountain Trail Head View

Another Saddle Mountain T. H. View

Burned Tree Pattern

Fall is in the Air

Another Asteracea

Canyon View, Ken Patrick Trail

Mt. Hayden

Mt. Hayden up Close

Marble Canyon View

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  1. I am so missing all those delicious Oyster Mushrooms. Have a safe and wonderful trip.