Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The neighborhood Bar, Pal Joey’s, has sponsored a car rally for the past four years,  We came across the first one which was in 2010 purely by accident with our friend Tom Hawk. This year we saw ads for it the week before and decided to revisit the experience. It is always fun to capture lines, and designs of car manufacturers. The owners of the cars also have favorite angles which they will tell you about as well.

The owners of these cars spend hours polishing them and making them very pristine. Do not even think of touching a car. The owner will be on you quickly to remind you of your transgression. Many of the cars date back to the 1950’s and ‘60s with a few going back longer than that. All of the cars have been restored with rebuilt engines, reupholstered interiors, and occasional props. As you will see they are all immaculate.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the show --

Red, White, and Blue

Tribute to "The King"

Thanks for coming along on the ride.

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  1. Boy, those sweet babies do shine. Got some really fun shots there.