Saturday, November 2, 2013


This past Friday I was off on a hike in our local mountains with my friends, Myrna and Chris, and a new friend, Caron. We all do patrols in Mission Trails Park, here in the metropolitan area. We decided that it was a good time to head to Mount Laguna, a 6,000 ft. mountain located to the East of San Diego. I have often gone x-country skiing in this area when we get enough snow to make the trip worthwhile.

We chose to hike the Indian Creek loop, a distance of nine miles.  The weather was perfect, with temperatures in the 50’s to start and probably reaching the mid-70’s by the end of the hike. There was a good breeze blowing most of the time so it was comfortable to have two layers of shirts on most of the day. It was like an Indian summer day with fall color provided by the many Kellogg Oaks.

The first half of the hike, was forested with Jeffery pines, and Black Oaks. We had a nice snack stop above Indian Creek where we enjoyed the colors of the small valley. 

Fungus on Tree

Montane Woolly Star

Mountain Mahogany

About halfway through the loop we crossed Sunrise Highway and had lunch at the Pioneer Mail picnic area. (This was a stop on the Pioneer Mail Line that ran from San Antonio, TX to San Diego in the 1800’s.) Here we linked up with the Pacific Crest Trail as it runs South past Storm Canyon, site of the devastating Chariot Fire that ran up Storm Canyon, over Garnet Peak, and South to Penny Pines T.H. this past July. This is 4 mile stretch was through the burn area from the Chariot Fire. It was interesting to see the new growth which has started recently after some rains came to San Diego in October.

California Goldenrod Adds Some Color

Lone Sunflower

Black and Green


Looking Into The Desert


Near Trail's End

It was a wonderful day out in the mountains with crisp temperatures, clear skies, and fall color. Hope to return to the mountains soon.

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  1. Nice hike through the fall colors. The burn looks much like the Weaver Mt above Yarnell.