Sunday, November 10, 2013


The hiking divas were out again this week. Once again we went to East County for our hike in the foothills of San Diego County.

We set out from the trailhead for the Merigan Fire Road in Descanso, and headed North where we eventually crossed the Sweetwater River which was a small trickle this time of year. We connected with the Ca. Riding and Hiking Trail and eventually joined the South Boundary Fire Road. We then worked our way Northeast to Green Valley Falls. Most of this area burned in 2007 and is coming back slowly. The oaks are showing their colors as were the willows along the drainage area of the river.

There was water flowing at the falls, but not very much. In the Spring this will be quite different. We enjoyed our lunch at Green Valley Falls. We saw only 4 people there, two mountain bikers, and a couple of kids who came to where we were only briefly. The rocks were warming, but they can  be quite slick as they have been polished by flowing water over many years. Shortly after leaving the Falls we came across a couple of horsemen, and that was the extent of our human contact for the day. The horsemen had started where we had and eventually we saw them again back at the trailhead.

This was a pleasant outing with friends in the back country. We went 10 miles round trip, in cool shirtsleeve weather. The trail was quite dusty so the evening shower was much welcome.

Here are some photos -  

This fellow was looking over the trailhead as we headed off on our hike
Red-Tailed Hawk

Green Valley Falls

Blue-eyed Grass minus a petal

Moon over Ridge

Granite and Willows

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  1. Great set of photos, looks like a wonderful hike. Have a good day. Diane