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Been busy with some home chores. Decided that it was time for a new freezer as the old one was not keeping things really cold. Can not really complain after 37 years with it. So we went off to Sears and made a purchase. Of course that meant it was time to defrost the old one and do an inventory of what was on hand. It was also time for a major grocery run, and renewal of the Military sticker on the car.

As we are about to set out on a camping trip it was also time to reassess our tents, and get a new one. We will be doing about a two month road trip this summer with lots of camping along the way. We needed to find a roomy tent which would also do well in rainy weather as we head North to Vancouver, B.C. and then down the Pacific Coast. Our old tent did not have a rain fly and had some issues on the last major adventure in the Big Sur area.

So on this past Thursday I got out to photograph shore birds and waterfowl. The morning started with going to La Jolla to capture birds in flight. It was a nice morning right on the shore just below La Jolla Cove. We were trying to capture the birds as they flew off to go fishing or what have you. The pelican population has shrunk as they have left for their breeding areas, mostly South in Mexico. But as you can see we still had some good chances and successes. Here are a few from the morning ---

Getting a Free Ride
Had a concussion?

Start of a curl

Getting a Drink


Double-Crested Cormorant

Double-Crested Cormorant
In the afternoon we met at Santee Lakes, which is a man made facility for recycling water. There are seven lakes which are great for birds and the local fishermen. Two of the group brought chicken scratch to help make the birds fly. We set up about 150 yards from each other so that we could work the birds back and forth. These birds are quite fast and it takes practice to pick a bird, lock focus, and finally photograph them. And because of the proximity of the two feed suppliers, one has to be quick. Here are my favorites from the afternoon. 

Wood Duck

Ring-necked Duck w. Big Splash


Mallard on Approach


Wood Duck Portrait

Ring-Necked Duck Displaying


Ring-Necked Duck on Approach

Lady Pintail

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  1. Amazing shots as always. A two month camping trip in the PNW sounds like a fine way to spend the summer. Although you will both be sorely missed at the canyon.