Saturday, March 22, 2014


In preparation for a summer road trip of a couple of months,
we decided on a short trip to Joshua Tree National Park to break in a new tent, and get into the camping mode with regard to gear, etc.

On Tuesday, March 4, we took off in the late morning for the Park. We did not have reservations as it was going to be mid-week, and there are only a couple of the campgrounds within the Park that take reservations. The drive up was uneventful. The wind had picked up since we started and by the time we were looking for a campsite, we were also considering the wind in a choice for a site. We finally found a nice site in the Jumbo Rocks Campground. The wind died down in the late afternoon, and we enjoyed our new tent, and reading under the stars before heading to bed. 

(Reminder: Double click on first photo and you will see them in a slide show.)

Western Fence Lizard

Making Coffee

Delicate Yellow Blossom

A Sparrow

Skull Rock

California Poppy

Evening Color

On Wednesday, we went for a morning hike around the campground with cameras. I missed the very early morning light by a few minutes, and as I photographed some high cloudiness moved in. The traditional breakfast of “eggs-in-a-basket” was very good. Thanks to our friend Kathie Adams I now use a folding paper filter inthe percolator so the coffee was very good, with no grounds and an easy clean-up.
We hiked the Skull Rock Loop before lunch.

In the afternoon we went into 29 Palms to get a couple of needed items: batteries for my headlamp, and a new lighter for the camp stove. We also filled up with more water as there is none available in the Park.  

In Camp

San Gorgonio in Distance

San Jacinto in Distance

Desert Blue Bell

Walk Carefully

Mohave Yucca and Small Barrel Cactus

Mohave Yucca and Rocks

Spreading Juniper

Some Jumbo Rocks

The Photographer
Thursday morning we got up for sunriseand then went for a hike up Ryan Mountain. The view at the top was well worth it with both San Gorgonio and San Jacinto Peaks in view with mantles of snow on the tops. We had set up a rendezvous with Jen Albrinck who is head of Interpretation at Joshua Tree for late afternoon. Jen was our first supervisor at North Rim, Grand Canyon, as volunteers. Regrettably there was a late afternoon meeting called,so we missed her this trip. We hope to touch bases with her here in San Diego one of these days. The wind picked up in the afternoon and continued into the night so that sleep was not as peaceful.

A Skull Rock in the Making

Mr. Magoo?


Desert Marigold

Sand Verbena

Joshua Tree Bloom
Friday morning, we again went for another early morning hike in the area, and had the area mostly to ourselves. After breakfast it was time to start breaking camp. We were interrupted a couple of time to talk with volunteers as well as neighbors. We were on the road home about 1230 and were home by 1545. The drive home was pleasant as we came a more scenic route via Hemet and Temecula.

It was a great trip. We reviewed our camping routine, and noted items that we need be sure to bring along next time. We are looking forward to the summer.


  1. Once again Nancy you have captured some incredible pictures. I loved the rocks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic photos of a unique place. Loved them all. Diane