Sunday, March 30, 2014


I had to run an errand to San Juan Capistrano today for some repair work on some jewelry. I decided to use the trip to explore the Upper Newport Bay Preserve located not too far to the North. My friend, Lin, joined me on this one day outing.

After our stop in San Juan Capistrano we were off in a bit lighter traffic than we had experienced from San Diego. As we were somewhat limited on time, we did not visit the Visitor Center, but took in the Back Bay Drive along the East side. This is a one-way drive and gets you very close to the shore line. We saw a few birds but I had not done my homework on the tides so we were there on a day and time of low tide. This restricted our chances of seeing a number of shore birds or duck as
the tide was OUT! We did see a couple of great blue herons, great egrets, a snowy egret and a pair of green-winged ducks. They were quite a distance from us but I did get a couple of pictures.

Great Egret

Great Egret with Morsel


Green-winged Teal Pair

Green-winged Teal

The drive back to San Diego went very smoothly. I joined my friend Lin in a Photoshop group after a quick dinner in Oceanside at the Pit Stop.

There will be more traveling in April: to Pismo Beach, Joshua Tree N. P., Death Valley N. P., and the California Coast. Stay tuned as I will try to post on a regular basis during the month.

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