Saturday, June 14, 2014



Today was another weather day here in Bishop. We had overcast most of the day with occasional breaks of sunshine. The mountains never lost there topping of clouds. In the afternoon we had a couple of good rain showers. Luckily for us, we were near or in the barn area and were able to quickly hunker down
under the extended roof or go into our tack room. There was a noticeable drop in the temperature with each passing shower.

Our friend Amy is doing most of the competing this year. She has done very well. Today she came home with two Blue ribbons and a couple of others. Tina
competed also today in Western Dressage and finished 8th in the class. She was happy with the results as she has spent very little time on Ima this past Spring. DawnMarie is only showing in halter classes as she has been busy working clients’ animals. She brought a couple of babies to hopefully sell. She has a couple of young mules at home in Santa Rosa that she will be starting next year.

Once again we returned to Amigos for dinner. It really is an excellent Mexican Restaurant with some great variety of taste in their menu. After dinner we returned to Big Pine to our Motel. This early return allowed for some time to review the few pictures that I took with my camera, write in my blog, and do a little reading before bed.

Sierra View 1

Sierra View 2

Getting Ready for the Show

Tina on Ima

DawnMarie and Donkey

Getting the Bug

Let's Hustle         

Fishing Time in the Sierras for Tina

Justin trying his Hand
 Playing with Shutter Speeds and flowing water ---

1/6th of a Second

1/20th of a Second

George about to catch one

1/20th of a Second

1/90th of a Second

Fishermen and their Gear

Restroom Instructions

Americana Class Wagon and Team

Mules used to Celebrate the building of the Aquaduct


Well, You gents are pretty strange

Von Twitchell Showing the Flag

Warming Up in the Sierras

Barrel Racer

Pack Scramble

20 Mule Team




That was a good story

Cowgirl and her Dog

Amy and her World Champion Mule

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