Wednesday, August 6, 2014


While visiting with our daughter, Klara, in Ashton, Idaho, in mid-June we visited this beautiful State Park which was donated to the state of Idaho by Harriman Family. The Harrimans were a railroad family. Averell Harriman was Governor of New York, and a diplomat spanning about 30 years for four presidents, starting in the 1940's.

The park still makes use of the buildings that the Harrimans built for their working ranch. It is a wonderful place to hike, camp, cross-country ski, and watch nature. There is a large population of elk, moose, and bear, as well as trumpeter swan, eagles, and sandhill cranes.

We went to the Park early in quest of seeing moose. We were quite successful. We saw a moose cow across a lake along the shore. After a short hike we came across a cow moose and her probably one year
old calf. They were pretty photogenic though the were busy browsing on lots of willow in the area. Our next wildlife encounter was with a small squirrel who also was pretty cooperative.

When we got to the actual ranch buildings we could see that a storm was brewing. Klara assessed the weather and said we could have rain in roughly 30 minutes. As we did not have our rain gear we decided
to "boogie" back to our car which was about a mile and a half away. We made it just as large drops of rain and hail started to fall.

We then headed for a brunch stop at the Trout Hunter in Island Park. We enjoyed a delightful lunch while watching fishermen working the Henry’s Fork River just about a hundred yards away in the rain.

This barn photo is at Harriman and taken particularly with Justin in mind as he wants a red barn photo. This may be it?

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  1. Boy that calf sure did some nice posing for you.