Sunday, August 10, 2014



We had a full day of driving through more beautiful country. We are trying to stay off of Interstates and have been pretty successful. We did have to use the I-90 around the Butte, MT, area, but not for long. It rained on and off during the day. After driving 418 miles we stopped in Kalispell, MT, so that we could
have an early entry into Glacier N. P.

Well, the rains continued and the forecast was not favorable for tent camping so we hung out at the Hungry Horse Motel in Hungry Horse, MT for three nights. We still got out for some hiking but were able to return to dry out in the comfort of the Motel. One day we visited the Hungry Horse Dam. It was completed in 1952, and at the time was the highest cement dam in the U. S., at a height of 564 feet.

Town Statue of a Hungry Horse

One of two wrecking balls used to clear forest for construction of Dam

Hungry Horse Dam
Another day we hiked to Avalanche Lake. After all of the rain the trail was quite wet, and the forest lovely and green. I regrettably had decided to take along my long, 100 - 400 lens as well. This added weight was cumbersome, and I finally had to give my backpack to George in trade for his fanny pack. I think part of the problems was that for the two weeks in Yellowstone I did no hiking as we were just jumping in and out of the car for photo ops. There were many waterfalls to see and a few to photograph today.

We do not see lichen like this in So. California

Orange Honeysuckle

Misty Slope

Happy Hikers

Many Falls

Mist and Falls

Clouds over Avalanche Lake

Kids and Water


 On the 20th we headed for the East Side of the Park, and established camp at Two Medicine which is located on the Southeast side of the Park. The Going to the Sun Highway was still closed due to snow so we had to drive around the Southern perimeter of the Park. It was a lovely drive and paralleled the railroad line.  We found a very nice campsite and established our camp before taking a hike to Aster Park which climbed a bit and gave us a great view of the Two Medicine Lakes area. It was a very pleasant hike and we saw lots of wildflowers, but little wildlife.

Most of our camping gear is packed in a soft sided Thule car top carrier. It appears quite waterproof, but we were fooled. Either we had not zipped it up and covered the zippers properly or the seams need some sealing. When we unpacked to set up camp, there were a number of wet items including sleeping bags, air mattresses and pillows. We had a very dry morning so it did not take long for all to dry out, and we were ready for our adventures. We decided that when we get to Vancouver we would get some seam sealer and apply it to the seams of the carrier.
Smoking Mountain


Fast Water on Paradise Creek


Shooting Star

Tour boat on Two Medicine Lake

We have decided to stay camped here for three nights and enjoy the countryside and good weather. We hiked to the Paradise Creek Crossing on the Rockwell Falls Trail. At that point the trail got very wet, and there was beginning to be snow pack so we stopped and enjoyed our lunch along Paradise Creek. On the way back we took the short trail to Paradise Point which juts out into Two Medicine Lake and gives a very nice view of the Lake. There actually is a tour boat that one can take to cruise on the Lake which we did not do.

Our last day at Glacier we took a hike up to Scenic Point which is 3 miles up with an elevation gain of about 2350 feet. It was up all the way, but scenic at every switchback. We did see some big horn sheep in the distance across a small valley on this hike. Close to the bottom we met two bighorn sheep walking up the trail toward us. That was quite a thrill. No time for a photo though!! Afterwards we ended up buying another flower book, “Wildflowers of Glacier National Park”!! It was worth it, and we already have put it to good use.

Blue Camas

Yellow Columbine

Tree Sculpture

Silky Phacelia

A Grand View

Small Stream

Ground Squirrel
We certainly enjoyed our stay in the Glacier area, and hopefully will get back to it. It was a lovely time, even with the rain. It was too bad that the Going To The Sun Highway was still closed, but that is another compelling reason to return.


  1. This landscape is stunning! Haven't been to Glacier, yet. Do know a Ranger there. Bummer about the leak but good for the sunshine.

  2. It is beautiful and need much more exploration - hiking and photography.