Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Friday was a play day for all. We played with our presents, read some good books, and enjoyed a great afternoon of cross-country skiing for Tina and I, and snowshoeing for Klara and George. 

Snow Shoeing

Exploring on Snow Shoes

After 10 Inches of Snow

Winter Wonderland

Get Ready ---

Quiet Afternoon
We enjoyed good Mexican food as there is a very good restaurant right in the small town of Ashton. We enjoyed a night of not cooking as we packed our bags for tomorrow’s departure.

Cold Outside

Farmer Clearing Road

Tetons from Back Door

Reading Time
Saturday morning we headed out of town about 0800. Once again the drive went very smoothly. We let Tina do the driving to Salt Lake City, and we arrived in plenty of time for their departure home to Toledo via Detroit. We pushed on South to St. George, UT so that we would have a relatively easy day of driving on Sunday. The traffic from Las Vegas to Riverside was fast and heavy, but there were no accidents. We were happy to get south of I-10, and pulled into our driveway about 1400. After unpacking the car and gathering our mail from our neighbor, Marty, we enjoyed stretching our lets with a two mile walk with our good friends, Kelly and Cathy.

This was a wonderful trip. We enjoy going to experience winter for a week or two, and then heading home. We found out from Klara that three hours after we left Ashton it started to snow and that storm dropped 15 inches of snow in the town, and around the area. We were very grateful that we missed that.


  1. Fabulous photos but too cold for me. I can only enjoy fun in the sun :-) Keep well and warm Diane

    1. I enjoy winter for short times. I have been away from it too long to enjoy enduring a full winter season.
      Best to you in the New Year.