Monday, January 12, 2015


This year the family Christmas was held in Ashton, ID, where our daughter, Klara, Lives. We traditionally drive from San Diego in two days with a layover in Cedar City, UT.

The drive North went smoothly with no weather problems though we did have some light rain as we started out, but it was gone by the time we left San Diego County. We had gotten up early enough to miss the main congestion around Rtes. U.S, 60, CA 91, and I-10. Early enough was that we were on the road by 0430! The reward for the early departure was a nice walk/hike up a the Canyon that runs East out of Cedar City. It was the first time we have done this hike when there was NO ice on the biking and hiking trail. :-)

On Friday, December 19th we pressed on North and stopped to pick up our other daughter, Tina, and her husband Justin, at the Salt Lake City Airport. We had to wait a while in the cellphone lot for their arrival as they had been delayed in their departure from Detroit for de-icing the plane. There was little snow on the ground, and the roads continued to be clear and dry. The first snow flurries occurred as we turned into the driveway in Ashton. and onto a white Christmas about 1630.

On Saturday we had snow a good part of the day though it was quite wet. After a hearty breakfast we were off to chop down a Christmas tree in the forest. Klara had a permit so we enjoyed a very fresh tree. It was a small lodgepole pine as the house is small and it was going to be standing on a desk once inside. After the tree harvest, we went for some cross-country skiing, and George did some snowshoeing. The skiing for me was quite frustrating as at first I could get no traction with the skies, then after several attempts at applying wax, we had too much wax and the result was I could hardly move!!

Off in a Snow Storm to get our Tree

Fresh Crab Omelet in the Making

Winter Wear

Our Mighty Lumberjack

Cross-Country Skis with too much Snow
The next two days were spent in and around the town of Ashton. We enjoyed each others’ company, some walks around town and on the North River Road where Tina and I took some winter snow pictures. 

Buck and Rail Fence 1

A Little Twig

Buck And Rail and Snow

Storm Brewing

Old Barn

Buck and Rail and Trees
George and I visited the Chocolate Moose Cafe and enjoyed a mocha and a visit with Beth, the owner. Dinners were prepared with lots of variety as everyone took a turn at preparing the meal. We were blessed with lovely sunset before dinner.

Storm Cloud at Sunset


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