Monday, February 9, 2015


Decided last night to go do some photography this morning. Was planning on Santee Lakes, but the morning dawned clear and sunny. So I changed course and headed for La Jolla Cove to photograph the brown pelicans in their beautiful colors.

They did not disappoint me. They are close to their peak breeding plumage which consists of a black neck, a very red pouch, and a gold colored cap. As there was little wind in the morning, the birds just stood around on the bluff. Occasionally one would fly off to do some fishing.

Staring You Down

The cormorants were lined up on a lower ledge just enjoying the sunshine. They too were not ready to go flying or fishing.

After a while I moved over to the coast walk, met up with my friend Debbie, and waited for the birds to fly by. One had to be patient as they were not very active. While there I was also able to photograph a couple of shore birds:  
The Black Turnstone---

Sanderling ---

and the Royal Tern ---

While returning to my car I passed a few seals resting on the rocks. This was my favorite – waiting for Mom/breakfast. 

It was a great day even without a lot of flight shots. I really enjoyed being out there and seeing these beautiful creatures.



  1. Your bird shots are so crisp. Guess that's a lesson for me to use the tripod. Looks like a great day on the coast.

  2. Sorry I have not visited for a while, just been catching up with all your great photos. I agree with Gaelyn the tripod makes a huge difference but I never seem to have it handy in a split second when I want it !!! Love the seals. Have a great weekend Diane