Saturday, February 7, 2015


Friday I met with a hiking partner, Myrna, for a stroll up Sycamore Canyon here in San Diego. I did not know how much we were going to hike and assumed it would be  out to Gooden Ranch and return.

Myrna is also known as the “Fearless Leader” and suggested we add to the hike by going North to the Goodan Staging Area before turning back South. So off we went with a stop at the memorial to Ranger Martha lived a full and adventuresome life as a leader in outdoor education, etc.

After that loop we enjoyed a short break back at the Ranger Station and site of the Goodan Ranch and restocked on some water. We then proceeded South to the “Sidewinder” trail which led us up to the ridge on the East side of the canyon. It was a great view once we were there and along the way we saw California poppies, California sun cup,

California Sun Cup
ground pink, winecup, and popcorn flower. The whole vista was open country with Sycamore Canyon to the West, and I believe Slaugterhouse Canyon to the East. 

Sycamore Canyon

Goodan Ranch Site/Now a Visitor Center
It was wonderful to see and realize some the wilderness that still exists close to metropolitan San Diego.

Out in the middle of Sycamore Canyon there was a large rock which had been painted white. It also had a large millipede painted on it. 

Painted Rock

Though the canyon is named Sycamore Canyon, there were lots of old coastal live oak trees with their large branches and shade which is much welcomed in the summer. These oaks are a signature tree of the area

We were both quite glad to return to our cars, tired but happy and filled with a feeling of accomplishment. 

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