Thursday, March 19, 2015


Went off to Lindo Lake this morning for some photography. The skies were overcast to start with but soon the sun came out and made for a lovely morning. The Eastern lake is dried up, but there were plenty of white pelicans cruising in the larger lake. They were fun to watch as they traveled in a group around the lake.


My eye was attracted though to the great egrets who were flying around gathering nesting material. After getting into a good position for the light I had a good time capturing some of their antics. 

Great Egrets -

In the same trees were some night herons who were doing the same thing, nest building. They were a little more elusive but perseverance paid off.

 After a couple of hours I called it a morning and returned home to enjoy a cup of coffee and proceed to edit pictures. I am getting better at deleting images – – I am down to 47 from this morning’s shoot after taking 406! Now you know why you like most of my pictures; you only see the better ones.



  1. You're suppose to delete them? ;) These best out of 406 are superb! I feel lucky to get 10 good ones out of every 100 taken. If I catch a clear shot of a bird in flight it was just dumb luck.

  2. Some of it is luck, but you are luckier with motor drive, and holding the camera on the bird. Also one has to learn to anticipate activity. :-)

  3. I also delete mosyt of my photos to get a good one. These are beautiful photo,well done. Have a good weekend Diane

  4. Hello Nancy! Nice seeing you today at the year end judging. Love your blog! Happy shooting and hope to see you in the field soon. Sandy Zelasko