Wednesday, March 4, 2015

SAN DIEGO ZOO – Feb 2015

A long overdue visit to the San Diego Zoo this past Thursday. Only had a couple of hours as I had an engagement at 1130. I went with a couple of photography friends who regularly get together on Thursdays. I had learned that there might be a good opportunity for photographing the Malaysian tiger if we got to the exhibit right after the Zoo opened.
We were able to make it and the tiger was actively searching out it’s various food sites. Once he found the big bone he went off to gnaw on it in private. 

 So then we traveled through one of the aviaries where I was not very successful with my photography so I moved onto the orangatans. Got several good shots as I knelt down to be a face level with this male. 



Then I got one decent photo of a young gorilla before he turned his back on me.


 My final stop was with the flamingoes. They are always colorful and it is fun to capture the various neck contortions.




  1. Fabulous photos but I am not a fan of zoos. Some though have great breeding programmes which good. Have a good day Diane

  2. I have to agree with Diane about not being a fan of zoos. Yet San Diego gets high honors. And a chance to photograph some animals. Nice shots.

  3. Understand your feelings. The San Diego Zoo/Safari Park is known for it's work in research and breeding programs, as well as protecting endangered species. Thanks for looking.