Monday, August 10, 2015


Today we visited the Town of Taos as well as the Pueblo. But first we drove on to the Bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge. It is 565 feet above the Rio Grande.  My pictures do not do justice to the structure as the area around the bridge has been fenced off so it is difficult to get a good view of its grandeur. 
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 These are mine --
Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Rio Grande Gorge

 Included here are a couple of pictures of some rafters about to go under the Bridge.
Rafters on the Rio Grande from the Gorge Bridge

Rio Grande Rafters, A Closer Look

The Taos Pueblo is one of a number Pueblos located around Santa Fe. It is was  probably built about 1000 years ago. There are large parts of the Pueblo which are off limits to the public. There are times throughout the year that the whole pueblo is closed to the public. There is no running water, nor electricity within the Pueblo walls. Their source of water is the Willow Creek
Willow Creek
which separates the North Pueblo 

North Pueblo
from the South. 

South Pueblo                                      

  Approximately 150 people live within the Pueblo full time with the remainder living in homes outside the walls of the Pueblo, but still on Pueblo land. This is similar to what occurs at Acomo Pueblo which I visited last Fall outside of Albuquerque. One thing I enjoyed here was visiting the various artists, and a piece of freshly made fry bread. 

Taos Church
Storm Brewing in the Mountains w/North Pueblo in Foreground

We enjoyed lunch at the Gorge Bar and Grill back in Taos on the Plaza. There was a rain shower while we were in Taos, but we were able to stay dry while browsing the various shops.


We headed home today with an expensive stop in Gallup, N.M. before heading into Arizona and a night stay at La Posada once again. I had been looking for a bracelet to go with some Indian Jewelry purchased last year, and found a piece done by the same artist. It is being resized to fit my smaller wrist, but will be well worth it.

In Winslow we went off to take a couple of pictures of the “Corner”, and then had to dodge a rain shower.
The Corner, Winslow AZ

Note the wall art in the background.

 We once again enjoyed the relaxed ambiance of La Posada, and a very good meal. We splurged and split four ways their
Double Chocolate, Grand Marnier Soufflé for Two
Rich dark chocolate soufflé baked to order and served with whipped cream and dark chocolate Grand Marnier sauce.

which was sinful and excellent.
Sunday we drove home via Prescott, Quartzsite, and Yuma. It was more scenic and not that much further than the outward bound trip. (The temperature outside the car reached 114˚F west of Yuma.) Thankfully the car air conditioner worked just fine. We were home by 1630 and were able to get a walk in before dinner. 

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