Sunday, August 30, 2015


Was off to Colorado for wildflowers photography in the San Juan Mountains in July. I teamed up with my friends Lin and Mike to drive from San Diego to Grand Junction where we would meet up with the LightChase Photography Group.

We took two days to get there from San Diego with a stop at Cedar Breaks National Monument to check out their wildflowers and sunset. Before reaching Cedar Breaks we stopped at a small grove of Bristlecone Pines just off of Utah 14. Mike and I took the half mile walk to the small grove of Bristlecones. There was a nice vista from there to the South with Zion National Park in the distance. 

Bristlecone with Snaking Roots
We got to Cedar Breaks after the V. C. had closed, but there was plenty of time to explore the wildflowers and the vistas before sunset. 

Wildflower Celebration, Cedar Breaks N.M.

Sunflowers and Penstemon

Lupine Bouquet

Monument Plant, Frasera speciosa

Prairie Smoke, Genum triflorum

As the Canyon faces West we watched the sunset in the distance.

Cedar Breaks Detail

Looking West, Cedar Breaks N.M.
Finally it was time to get to Panguitch, grab a sandwich, and head for our Motel.


It was a short night as we wanted to be at Bryce National Park for sunrise. We photographed from Sunset Point,

Bryce Canyon w. Storm Clouds 1

Bryce Canyon w. Storm Clouds 2

A Bryce HooDoo

A Bryce Needle

 then went to Bryce Point to the South for a different view:

Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point

Bryce Canyon, A Closer Look
This gave us a better overall view of the Canyon looking at it from the South.

We had brought food for breakfast and then headed for the Lodge and Coffee Shop so that we could enjoy it with a cup of java. While at the Lodge I ran into Bill, Nancy, and Rosey  who I had worked with at the North Rim. After I breakfast I also ran into Kurt who had also been at the North Rim while we were there. (Small world!)

After returning to Panguitch to check out we stopped at the local True Value Hardware Store to get a couple of much needed items. I needed a bolt and nut to repair my tripod, and Lin needed a lubricant for her ballhead on her tripod. We were able to get exactly what we needed with the help of a very knowledgeable and helpful clerk.

Finally we headed for Grand Junction through some of Utah’s beautiful valleys and vistas. We went North on US-89 through Marysvale, and Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort before linking up with I-70. We visited a small park along the way.

Near Marysvale, UT

Big Bird and Tortoise
Once on I-70 we headed East through some beautiful open country with little development. We watched the development of thunderclouds to the East and North. We stopped at the San Rafael Swell Overlook to see and photograph this spectacular geological feature. 

I-70 Going Through the San Rafael Swell

I-70 Cutting Through San Rafael Swell

A Panorama of the San Rafael Swell Area
Have reviewed some of the area via the internet and it really is a fascinating area. (

Finally we headed for our motel in Grand Junction, CO. We enjoyed a Japanese dinner with two others who we will be traveling with for our photo adventure. Tomorrow we head out for a photo adventure in Southwestern Colorado starting with Crested Butte.


  1. You caught the light just right on these. Such spectacular landscapes.

    1. Thanks Gaelyn. It was a special time of day both at Cedar Breaks and Bryce. Then the San Rafael Reef/Swell was quite the surprise.