Sunday, January 31, 2016


My how time flies. It has already been two months plus since Phoebe joined the family. She has adjusted well and we are now getting help to   get her over her aggression toward other dogs. It is a slow process with first getting training in the usual obedience lessons.

December was full of family fun with both girls coming here to San Diego for Christmas. Then right after the first of the year I had cataract surgery on one eye. It is going well, and hopefully I can get the other eye done soon.

Before the surgery I went to La Jolla one morning to photograph the brown pelicans and other shore birds. Had a great time learning how good the upgrade in my equipment is. 

There were Sea Lions were right on the shore close to the wall,   

A Royal Tern

High Surf -

Pelicans flying high and low -

Heermann's Gulls were also about as well as Cormorants flying by with a purpose.

There were also pelicans in formations -


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  1. What gear upgrade? Hope your eye is healed and good.