Sunday, January 31, 2016


Now I am somewhat in limbo with using glasses for some things, and now driving without my glasses. Time will bring it all back into focus.

A week ago I went with friends to Hawk Watch in Ramona. It is a demonstration showing different hawks found in the area, and showing several of them flying. They also talked about the open space needed for these birds to survive.On display this time were 

two Red-tailed Hawks --

 a Harris Hawk -

 A Gyrfalcon-

and a Perigrine Falcon, the fastest falcon that hunts other birds and take them on the wing. It was almost extinct due to pesticide poisoning, but has made a remarkable comeback

It is a challenge to photograph the birds in a rather crowded area, but always fun. Some were only out to display the variety of hawks in the area,
while others did some flying for us.

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