Monday, April 25, 2016


Wednesday, 23 March:

The skies stayed clear overnight so it was a quick full moon set and sunrise. After breakfast in Tucson we  packed up and headed for Organ Pipe National Monument which is located almost due West of Tucson and borders with Mexico. 

Morning Sentinel
 We took our time driving as it was mid-day light which did not slow down the shutter on most cameras. Along the highway we found some good displays of poppies with a few other flowers thrown in. We spent our time trying to catch a starburst on the edge of a petal of a poppy. This is not an easy task as you either hand hold and aim hopefully for the right angle, or you get down on your belly and then try to shoot up with “live View”. 

Going for Bug View
Due to the wind there was a lot of dust and pollen in the air which caused a lot of defraction and shows up with lots of distracting spots in the photo. This was the case with lots of my photographs, so lots went into the trash bin.

Standing Tall

Another Color

A Different Angle

Capturing The Sun

The nearest town to Organ Pipe N.M. is Ajo, AZ. The first copper mine located in Arizona was located in Ajo. The open pit now measures 1.5 miles across and 110 feet deep in the center and is no longer a working mine. Ajo has a lovely town plaza, and a beautiful Catholic church. It is also the home of the Curley School Artisan Apartments, a project of the non-profit International Sonoran Desert Alliance (ISDA).  

We checked into La Siesta Motel where we each had a small individual cabin for two nights. The design goes back to the mid-fifties I would guess, but have been up graded with a large screen TV, small microwave, small refrigerator, and air conditioning. We were then off to Organ Pipe N.M. for capturing a few landscapes and sunset light on nearby Ajo Mountain. The Monument Visitor Center is 33 miles from Ajo.

We traveled along Ajo Mountain Drive and stopped at a promising location for photography of wildflowers, cacti, and a view of Ajo Mountain. Once again the sunset was pretty quick due to the mostly clear skies.

Organ Pipe Cactus and Distant Arch
Sunset Color on Ajo Mountain
 It was a late night and we closed down the Pizza Hut as we knoshed on pizza for dinner.

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  1. Those flower shots are awesome! I laughed at the thought of you all down on your bellies for those sun shots.