Wednesday, April 27, 2016



This morning we were  once again in amongst the saguaro cacti in Organ Pipe N. M.  I first captured the setting full moon behind some saguaro and in the Belt of Venus. 

Setting Moon and Saguaro
Then I found a wonderful couple of cacti very close to each other that created interesting framing opportunities. 

Nancy's View

Desert View

Saguaro cacti are far more photogenic than organ pipe cactus, and they are quite prolific in this park as well.  

Near the Visitor Center we found a blooming saguaro. This was a first for me. The blossoms are usually atop of the tall arms. The telephoto lens was called in to use for the the photograph of the bloom. 

Saguaro Blooms 1
Saguaro Bloom and Buds

  In the afternoon we found some nice flowering cholla and got some of the blooms backlit.

An Eye Catcher

Staghorn Cactus Bloom
Chain-fruit Cholla
Once again we had mostly clear skies but I did get some nice late light on the mountains in the background.

Organ Pipe N.M. Sunset

Ajo Mountains and Saguaro

Sunset Sky and Saguaro Forest


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