Sunday, June 19, 2016


White Mountains on a Clear Morning
Quiet morning for us in Bishop. Once again there were dressage classes. In the main arena they were showing and judging the Farm Class. This involves showing and demonstrating a mule working with farm equipment. All of the equipment is authentic and dates back to the early 1900’s.

DawnMarie and Rocky

This was the time to go visit the various booths at the town park. There are many vendors covering all sorts of items - art, food, crafts, clothing, leather products, and cosmetics to name a few. I went specifically to get garlic products from the Garlic Festival booth. Tina wanted the large jar of spicy garlic. I opted for a small jar and a jar of the garlic salsa. Could probably have gotten other goodies as well but I restrained myself. 

Later in the afternoon I went back into town to pick up a prescription for one of my eye drops that I was afraid would run out while I was on the trip. (It lasted until Sunday evening when I got home.) While down town this time I stopped at the Storyteller Bookstore, an independent bookstore that has been there for years and is fun to browse.

I purchased a used book that included a recipe card for a pineapple upside down cake! Next door is the Mountain Light Gallery which is the home of the works of the late Galen Rowell, a renown photographer of the mountain landscapes. It always has some of his works on display as well as works by one or two other excellent photographers. It is always fun to visit both places.

The evening program was full of fun and craziness >>>

Chariot Racing:

Parade of Nations:

Justin Boots Race where the kids have to remove their shoes, go about 25 yards and line up. Then they race to find their shoes which have been mixed up, put them on and return to the starting point. The winner gets a pair of Justin Boots.

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