Wednesday, June 15, 2016


View from Big Pine
This morning again started out breezy, but the clouds had lifted over the Sierras so I enjoyed some photography on my walk on the West side of Big Pine. One can walk up and under the power lines and as you do you can listen as the water flows down into town along town aqueduct. The sky was a nice blue and with a little selective positioning of the camera I could block out the power lines.

Big Pine Creek w/Palisades

Big Pine Creek

Then it was off to Bishop for an early class for Tina in Western Dressage.
Tina and Ima

Mule Portrait of Ima
There was quite a break for classes for Tina so I returned to Big Pine to settle my bill at the Motel. Afterwards I drove up to the trail head for Big Pine trails into the Sierras. I enjoyed a short hike along the South Fork where Big Pine Creek was flowing quite well. I have hiked this area before and enjoy looking for Spring blooms, and the stream flowing. 

In The Clouds
Sierra Flora
Above the Footbridge
Spring blooms are still early here so there was not much happening there. I did see some brilliant lupine in bloom on the way up the mountain and meant to stop to photograph on the return trip. Regrettably they did not catch my eye as I coasted back down the mountains.

Back in Bishop I watched Tina compete in another dressage class. Then I went over to the main arena to see what was happening there. There was action in the form of two roping classes. The first was steer stopping. In this event a rider/roper must chase down a steer and successfully rope it and bring it to a stop. This is a timed event. Here at Bishop this is done on a mule.


The second event was team roping.This is where there are two riders chasing down a steer. The header must lasso the head or neck, and then the heeler must lasso one or both rear legs to bring it to a stop. This would be used to catch a steer to be branded. There are a lot of misses by the ropers. Both the header and heeler are allowed two tosses of their respective lassos before being disqualified.

We treated ourselves to dinner on the fairgrounds tonight. It was our first chance to have Indian Fry Bread Tacos which are made for you right at the stand. They are delicious and consist of fry bread  being topped with refried beans, taco meat, onions, tomatoes, and also. A feast to enjoy especially as they do a great job of frying the dough in hot enough oil that the results are crispy and not greasy.

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