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MONDAY – 3 October

Athabasca Glacier at Dawn
This morning we went to photograph sunrise at Athabasca Glacier. We had a clear sunny, but cold, morning with no clouds. As a result we spent a good deal of time experimenting and looking for patterns in the ice formed in the small lake below the glacier. 

Ice and Rocks

Three Friends

A Frozen Pair
Glacier from Afar
 After breakfast and checking out of our lodge, we headed back down to the Glacier Discovery Center. We considered taking the shuttle up to the glacier so that we could actually walk on it. The  price was not right and the tour included going to the Glacier Skywalk which none of us were interested in. I had hoped to visit their interpretive center but it was already closed for the season.
NKV and Glacier

As I have written before, the Glacier has receded quite a distance in the past 125 years. I am standing outside the Discovery Center with the glacier in the background. I think the following photo explains the receding of the Glacier quite well. 

 We  soon had enough of the “maddening” crowd, and headed back to the Jasper area and the Medicine Lake area.

Along the way we continued our hunt for wildlife to photograph. Today we were rewarded with a couple of good sized bull elk that were browsing along the side of the highway. Then there was one lounging between the road and the river.
Sun Nap
We also saw our second black bear, but he was on the move and did not stick around long. Sunset was viewed from the head of Medicine Lake.

Medicine Lake

Quiet Sunset

Evening at Medicine Lake

After dinner in Jasper we headed for our cabins on Patricia Lake. No sooner had we gotten into our cabin when the word was spread that the Northern Lights were appearing. We quickly grabbed our cameras, tripods, and a warm jacket and headed down to the lake shore. We were rewarded with about an hour show which fluctuated in intensity. Here are two from this evening.
Big Dipper and Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Patricia Lake

As dawn appeared it looked like we might have a nice sunrise. Well, we did but there were not many clouds to color. We did enjoy the low clouds scudding along below the peaks. We enjoyed breakfast at Pyramid Lake with colorful boats in the foreground. We also had an otter come by, but I did not have my camera set up for it.

Quiet Morning at Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake

We headed off once again to visit various sites for photographing the beautiful mountains, rivers, and falls. This stop was at “Meeting of the Rivers”, the Whirlpool and Athabasca Rivers. Not far from here one could follow the Whirlpool River and eventually descend to the Columbia River. If you followed the Athabasca River and its drainage you will eventually would reach the Artic Ocean. 

Meeting of The Rivers

Forest Detail

We then headed for Athabasca Falls. 
Mt. Edith Cavell and Athabasca Falls

The background to the Falls is dominated by Mount Edith Cavell. Edith Cavell was a noted British nurse working in Belgium during the First World War. She was instrumental in saving the lives of soldier from both sides and helping some  Allied soldiers escape from German occupied Belgium. She was executed by the Germans for her actions.

Athabasca Falls Detail
Below the Falls

Trail Wall

Moss Detail
Storm Brewing


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