Saturday, November 19, 2016


THURSDAY - 29 September

We did get to sleep in, and enjoyed a late breakfast at Ricky’s, in Banff. Today we also moved to the Lake Louise area where we will be for two nights. We spent time once again cruising the Bow Valley Parkway looking for the big animals. 

Parkway Sign

We had no luck but certainly gave it a valiant try. Fall color has been elusive due to the weather before we arrived. Most of the aspen are bare due to wind and rain preceding our arrival to the area. But here is a little hint of what it could be -

A Grand Mountain
Our evening shoot was along Bow River with Castle Mountain dominating the view. 

Castle Mountain With Late Light
We again pushed the clock and the restaurant with arriving well after sunset for a dinner just before they closed.

FRIDAY – 30 September

This morning we were off to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake for sunrise and morning light on the both lakes. 

Lake Louise with a Low Cloud

Lake Louise Before Sunrise
We had overcast skies to start but then it broke while we were at Moraine Lake. The area around Chateau Lake Louise is filled with lots of people as it is well known for it’s beautiful location. They were jumping in front of cameras, etc. We moved up to Moraine Lake which was still very popular but we could at least set up and not be surrounded by a circus. Both Lakes are colored by the glacial silt which is suspended in the water. The silt comes from the grinding of the rocks underneath a glacier. The blue or tourquoise color the lake is a result of the the sun reflecting off this “rock flour”. 

Moraine Lake I

Moraine Lake II

We  returned to Chateau Lake Louise for a delightful brunch with a grand view of the lake out the large windows. 
Entrance to Chateau Lake Louise

Chandelier in Lake Louise Chateau
Afterwards we wandered the grounds for a short time. 

Bee on Yellow Flower

Mountain Ash

Mountain Ash Detail

Here is a close view of a larch tree which is a member of the pine family but is deciduous in that it loses its needles in the fall.

Larch Tree, a deciduous pine

In the afternoon we once again cruised the Bow Valley Parkway looking for critters, to no avail. We stopped on the TransCanada Highway to learn about the Spiral Tunnels. We were actually able to see a very long train move along the rails and see the spiraling of its path. I have a very short video, but, here are a couple of links to youtube videos of it. They really give you a proper experience of what it all is about

This one is in German but has a very good and easily understood graphic –

Not far from the view point for the Spiral Tunnels was the turn off to Takakkaw Falls. This is the second highest waterfall in Canada at 1250 feet. As you can see it is a very long falls with a spectacular step in it where the water hits a ledge and then proceeds down the mountain. It was fun watching it being moved by gravity and the wind.

Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls with Step Detail

Takakkaw Falls and Stream
 We lingered for sunset and were rewarded for our patience.

Sunset from Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls 3

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