Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday, May 22

Today we were off early as Tina had a class at 0800. We arrived about 0745 to learn that she had "scratched" from the class because her mule, IMA, had
come up lame early in the morning. Hoping that it is only a transient situation, they passed on today's class and gave her treatment to reduce swelling, etc.
We did support Amy in her dressage class as well as her various hunter classes which are English jumping classes.

In the afternoon there were driving classes which I did not watch as I knew only slightly some of the competitors. These classes can be fun but a little does go a long way when sitting on metal bleachers in the full sunlight.

It was a pleasant day in Bishop though the wind picked up in the afternoon which made for times of blowing dust, etc. Temperature wise it was very pleasant
sitting in the shade of the cottonwood trees that are around the barn area.

Following are pictures of dressage riding classes and the jumping classes.


  1. You got some great shots. Very wind here too.

    1. Thanks GeoGypsy. Glad you like them and are enjoying the show.

  2. WOWIE! I have never seen mules ridden English. They look durn good! of course beautiful "horse" flesh. so shiney and glorious. sorry about Tina's mule. Hope all is okay now.

  3. Tina rode today,Thursday, and Ima is doing well. They will probably compete tomorrow afternoon as well.