Thursday, May 23, 2013

ROCK CREEK LAKE - Thursdsay 23 May

Things were slow this morning and then there would be an even quieter afternoon so we slept in a bit. Then we had breakfast at the Country Kitchen in Big Pine. It was a typical roadside cafe and we just had the two egg breakfast which did include hash browns and toast. Afterwards we talked with another guest at the Big Pine Motel who was in the area to photograph butterflies in the Owen Valley area. He had photographed a couple of butterflies that frequent this area, but also got photos of a butterfly that he believes has never  been seen in this area.

We drove up to Rock Creek Lake and parked at a hiking trail head. The wind was very strong so we opted to take a trail that would take us to Diane Lake and Kenneth Lake. We started at 9000 ft. and climbed to a little over 10K ft. It was good to get out and get a hike in. I did feel the altitude a bit at times. George did not seem to have any issues with the altitude which was a good sign in preparation for his hiking the North Kaibab Trail starting next month. After our hike we were going to have lunch at the Rock Creek Lake Store which is known for its pies, and Hungarian mushroom soup.. Regrettably we werea day early, so no lunch there. Lunch was at Tom's Place Cafe at the junction of the Rock Creek Road, and U.S. 395. We split a BLT and had plenty to eat. Tom's Place has been in existance since 1917.

The afternoon was spent relaxing in the shade of the cottonwoods by our tack room/stall.  The wind picked up in the afternoon and it remained comfortably cool until about 1830. That is when the sun began its decent behind the Sierras. As we were only wearing shorts we noticed the drop in temperature. We did bundle up with a jacket and vest while eating Indian Frybread Tacos. I was shivering as I ate. It was well worth it as the tacos were DDDelicious.

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  1. You two are a marvel and set such a wonderful example. If I'd been there in shorts my knees would have been knocking. And probably my lungs too.