Friday, May 24, 2013


This was a full day at the Fairgrounds in Bishop watching and photographing mule activities. We were at the stalls by 0745 with Amy up at 0800 for English Drassage. Tina was to call out the commands while Amy rode in the ring. In case you are not familiar with Dressage, around the ring are various letters. The rider is to ride to a letter doing a specific gait and on the correct lead. For us not really into the finer points, we just watch and photograph and hope that the mule and rider do the right thing. Prior to that I was able to watch briefly the steer roping going on the main arena.

A great class was the Farm Class. There were about a dozen to 15 mule drawn farming tools shown and then there were explanations of the tools and their approximate ages. They all dated to the EARLY 20th Century, with a few going back to the late 1800’s. Some of the people
had never fully demonstrated or knew how to adjust working parts but the Judge was quite knowledgeable and got them all working. There were mowers, seeders, as well as disc machines used for making furrows, and digging up the earth.

During the mid-day lull in activities, we walked down to Schat's Bakery to fill several orders from neighbors for loaves of bread. We also treated ourselves to one of their delicious chocolate croissant which we will eat tomorrow morning. Right across the street in the Municipal Park we wandered about at the craft fair. There are always wonderful things to look at, and perhaps buy. We did not succumb to the
temptations this year.

This is the end of our Mule Days adventures for this year. It was lots of fun and enjoyable time. The weather was most cooperative with the highs only into the mid-80’s. It was quite windy at times but it was bearable. 

Calf Roping >>>

Western Reining >>

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Tina, Amy, and Support Staff >>>

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