Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is a short trip entailing photography and being judging The Fresno Salon. The photography takes place along the California Coast in the vicinity of Pismo Beach. My friend Lin has been here before, and suggested this in place of not quite Spring in the Sierras, Yosemite in particular. We have gone
to judge the Fresno Salon about three times, and usually go into Yosemite for a day or two on our way home. This year we decided to go West to the Coast.

The drive from San Diego to Pismo Beach went pretty smoothly with no major slow downs. We circumvented Los Angeles by traveling North on I15, then going West via the I210 and onto US101. We were in Pismo Beach by 1400 and started the adventure with a very good seafood lunch at Splash Cafe. We then went to the Pier and photographed surfers. The ocean was quite choppy and the wind was quite strong so it was a challenge for all. We had great fun though and got some good photos. About 1700 we headed for the East side of the dunes for photography. After a short walk and watching the blowing sand we decided hat it was not the place to be with camera gear.

We beat a retreat to the car and headed North to Shell Beach which is just to the North. It was still quite windy but we were able to get some shore pictures with some rocks out in the ocean. For a short time I thought there might be a chance for a green flash, but it turned out that there was another point that would block the actual sunset at the horizon. Still a fun time.

After checking into the hotel, the Aloha Inn, we made our own supper with cheese, crackers, tomatoes, carrots, and avocado. Quite the feast and served us well. Then I downloaded the pictures and did a review. To bed late with an early morning wake up to go for sunrise on the dunes.

(Remember to double click on first image for a slide show.)


  1. Excellent shots on the shore. You are brave to take the camera out in blowing sand.

  2. Thanks for following. We did go but quickly changed our mind with how the wind was blowing. We then retreated to the above area
    for sunset near Shell Beach. Still windy, but no sand as we were above the beach itself.