Saturday, April 5, 2014


This morning we were to go back to the dunes once more, but Lin was not up to it. I decided to get a bit more sleep so went back to bed for about an hour and got up about 0630. Then I was off to Pismo Beach’s beach for a very nice long walk and some photography. The beach is very conducive to walking and beach combing as the sand is quite firm, and the beach is quite wide. It was a very enjoyable morning with a nice four mile walk included. The surf was really down this morning though there were a few surfers out. I opted to not photograph them. Instead I walked the beach and took photographs of shore birds, sand dollars, kelp, sand patterns, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I got back to the hotel just in time to partake of their breakfast!! We then packed up and started out on our drive to Madera, CA, where we will be part of the judging panels for the San Joaquin Valley Photography Salon. Before leaving the coast we drove to Avila Bay. This is also known as the port of San Luis. The bay is quite small, but well protected. We were able to explore around the fishing pier where we saw and photographed some more loons, some western grebes, and quite a few red footed guillemots as well as some sea gulls. There were also a few brown pelicans in the area. We had a short rain squall when we arrived which we waited out in the car. One gent saw my long lens and came over and told me about seeing porpoises near some surfers so we had to go check that out as well. By the time we got to the area the surfers were done, but they confirmed the event. We treated ourselves to some very good coffee and a pastry while sitting on the beach before heading off on the drive.

The drive to Madera went well. It was mostly on CA Rte 41. We went through some rolling hills and farm land before dropping into the San Joaquin Valley. The hills of the Coastal Range were green, but the San Joaquin Valley is very dry. There were many fields lying fallow. Talking with the people in Madera they have had very little rain this winter, and only the last month or so has seen
much moisture.

Here are some beach combing pictures, and more birds, etc.

Surf Scoter

Sand Dollar with Barnacles

Sand Crab Debris

Razor Clam Remnant with Tracks


On Watch

Sand Crab with trail

Diving Pelican


  1. Beautiful photos but think the last one is my favourite. Have a good week Diane

  2. Have to agree, the diving pelican is awesome but nice closeups on the beach. Too bad you missed the dolphins.

  3. Thanks from you both. I really enjoyed my solo walk along the beach. Could get addicted to it if
    I lived closer.
    Gaelyn, enjoyed your travels in Africa. Have a safe trip back home to Arizona and onto the North Rim