Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This morning we were up and off early in order to be at the Oceano Dunes by 0600 in quest of a location for sunrise. The wind had subsided considerably since last night so the chance for some photography was good. We walked out a short distance into the dunes to find a foreground for the sunrise. The sunrise was pretty good with some color and clouds to add to the mix. There was, of course, the issue of contrails from aircraft. As the clouds were a bit high above the horizon the sunrise color was not spectacular but we both found something to add to a landscape. Afterwards we walked around the dunes and each found subject matter for our photography. We still had to deal with foot prints in the sands of time, both human and animal, probably all dog with the
exception of some lizard tracks. The dune photography ended with the build up of cloud cover eliminating any directional light on the dunes.

We returned to the Motel for a late continental breakfast of the usual fair of cold cereals, some muffins, fruit, and beverages. We then took a bit of a rest during the early mid-day. Then we were off to the Pismo Beach Pier for some more photography of the surfers. The surf was better, and there were some more experienced surfers out so it was again fun. Then we were off to Morro Bay as I wanted to see Morro Rock and take in a bit of the town. Found a great place for lunch after asking a local for a recommendation: Dockside. We enjoyed grilled fish tacos made with fresh grenadier fish which I had never heard of but Lin had, and knew it was a good eating fish. It was!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent around the Morro Bay photographing some of the boats, and a number of birds. There was Bill, the great blue heron who hangs out along the pleasure boat piers. We also saw and photographed eared and western grebes, great blue herons, cormorants (double crested, and pelagic, sea scoter, several loons, and a couple of varieties of seagulls. The loon put on quite a show, and Bill, the local GBH, was pretty cooperative as a subject matter.
The sunset this evening was looking promising, but it only lasted a couple of minutes.

Back at the Aloha Inn we enjoyed another motel gourmet dinner of good cheese, carrots, grape tomatoes, crackers, and a nice fresh avocado. This was delicious and sufficient as we had had a filling lunch in Morro Bay.

Photographer at work

Loon with Crab


Eared Grebe

Eared Grebe Taking Off

Eared Grebe about to dive

Pelagic Cormorant