Saturday, May 10, 2014


After a late dinner at the Panamint Springs Resort we checked in, unpacked, showered, and got ready for an upcoming full day in the Park.

The Resort was at one time a true resort. The times have passed, and it is a fundamental facility with all that is needed and nothing more. There was very sketch internet access, and I did not even try. Dinner was good, and the beds comfortable.
Our first full day in Death Valley started with sunrise in the Mesquite Dunes. One has to walk in quite a way to reduce the number of foot prints. We focused our shoot on the hard pan patterns in the dunes area. Then we were off to the ghost town of Rhyolite for some fun. There is a display with molded ghost figures of the Last Supper, and many old buildings, etc. We all had a good time wandering around the area. Finally it was time for a late breakfast in Beatty, NV, where we also filled gas tanks, and got a few souvenirs.

In the early afternoon we went to the Visitor Center in the Furnace Creek area before heading for Badwater for sunset. To quote one of our fellow participants “Badwater was the low point of his life.” Badwater is 282 feet below sea level. The salt pan was quite crusty and higher that usual. We also came across a Japanese photographer and model who were quite colorful. She was wearing a lovely red gown which blew in the wind and made for quite a photo op. (Under the dress she was wearing hiking boots. It was long drive after sunset back to Panamint Springs which is on the Western border of the park.

Today we drove over 300 miles all within the Park!!

Ghost View of Last Supper

A Moment's Rest

Golden Canyon View

Artist's Palette

Artist's Palette, a Closer View
Badwater Detail

Badwater Sunset

An Apparition?

Badwater 2

Badwater 3

Badwater Design


  1. Nice shots with great color. Jeremy and I must have missed Rhyolite. Oh and quite a few other places in DEVA. Need to go back. Salt patterns are great.

  2. Hi Gaelyn,

    There is lots to explore here and lots of miles between places. I too need to go back again.