Wednesday, May 7, 2014


After sunrise we headed for the Cactus Garden to capture the “jumping” cholla garden back lit. These cholla get their nick name from the fact that the arms often fall to the ground and are rolled around by the wind. If you are not careful of where you are stepping, they attach tenaciously to your boots, clothes, or body. They are quite hard to pull out and it is handy to carry either hemostats or a leatherman tool. I pulled some out of my boots as well as those of five of the other photographers.

We went to breakfast in Twenty-nine Palms and then visited the Park Visitor Center. I was able to touch bases with Jen, the head of Interpretation, as well. The reason for wanting to do this was that Jen was the ranger at the North Rim who we first worked with, and had not seen in about 7 years. We then were off to photograph an arch which was located in the White Tank Campground.

After a short rest back in Yucca Valley we were off again for some photo fun. This time we visited an old abandoned ranch and mine site near Barker Dam. Here we found some decaying old cars that are slowly being buried by the desert. Sunset was near Hidden Valley Campground and it's big boulders.

Moon Set

The Living and The Dead

Cholla Balls ready to Pounce


AbandonMine 1

Through the Window

Rock Arch `

Rock Arch 2

Decaying Truck

Returning to Nature

Trees, Shadow and Rocks

Decaying Joshua Tree and Fremont's Pincushion
Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom

Sunset in Joshua Tree

We enjoyed one more sunrise in Joshua Tree before heading off to Death Valley via Antelope Valley and the fields of poppies. 


Checker Fiddleneck

White Tidy-Tip

Joshua Tree with Sun Star

Dune Evening Primrose
Arizona Lupine

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