Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Onto Canada:

We entered Canada at the Carway Border Crossing, and it was very quick and no hassle. It is a very quiet area and outpost so to speak. The drive was beautiful and diverse. In the beginning we were enchanted with the Glacier range to our West as we headed North to Canada. This soon changed to beautiful rolling farm land.
There was lots of big sky and large farms.

We bypassed most of Calgary as we headed for the Banff area. We called it a day in Canmore where we found a good Econo Lodge close to the highway. After cleaning up from our three days of camping, I headed for the Laundromat in town. The town is offset from the highway and is quite quaint with the alpine look to stores, etc. This is all great skiing areas in the winter.

We enjoyed a day in the Banff area with a hike to Tunnel Mountain/Sleeping Buffalo. The view was well worth it as it gave us a good overall view of the valley.

Fairmont Inn, Banff

The Valley from Sleeping Buffalo Mtn.

Inukshuk with George Peering Through

Canadian Rockies 1

Sleeping Buffalo Mtn.

A Golf Course and Lodge


After lunch it started to rain. We decided to push on to Lake Louise for a look see and possible hike. Lake Louise is known for its turquoise blue water with the L. Louise Hotel located at the end of the Lake. It was lovely but extremely crowded with a bus load of tourists plus others. We took a few pictures and then went in search of a hike. We found a one mile trail up hill to Fairmont View. It was a very nice hike with another commanding view of the Lake, and we saw only 5 people during the whole hike.


Lake Louise

Lake Louise and Inn from Fairmont View Point

Cloud Topping

Indian Paintbrush
  On the drive back to Canmore we saw two different rainbows which were quite vibrant. It was a beautiful way to end the day’s outing.

This was the only day we had in the area. We do need to return some time as there is lots to explore here.


  1. Just today two lady visitors were going on about Banff and how I really need to get there. Now I see why. Gorgeous!

  2. It is Grand and needs a lot more investigation. We did not get to Jasper either, so we need to plan more time in this
    beautiful place a little later in the yerar.