Saturday, November 15, 2014


This past Friday went out for a hike with my hiking friends, Chris, Myrna, Shake, and Mark. We had a lovely cool and partly cloudy day for this hike in Southeastern San Diego County.

A Different Angle of View
 After checking at the Ranger Station about a parking permit, and making a last rest stop, we were on the trail. The hike was in chaparral
with lots of granite boulders around. Lake Morena is a local reservoir which was at only 4% of capacity which highlights the drought conditions here in San Diego.

Lower end of Lake Morena
The hike was not strenuous though there was a steep area with loose rocks and a narrow path that we thought might be an issue on the way down. After about 200 yards of this scrambling the trail leveled out a bit and was easy to follow and climb. There was also some scrambling up and around some of the large bolders that lay along the trail.

Manzanita Bark Threads

Manzanita Limb and Bark

Molded Granite
When we reached the first of three "peaklets" we stopped and enjoyed the panoramic views, and the various sizes and shapes of the boulders strewn about the area.

?Pregnant Gargoyle?

Rocky Butte Top

Gargoyle(?) and Second Peaklet
Here we also enjoyed a trail lunch before starting back down the trail. We turned off the Pacific Crest Trail and joined a dirt old dirt road that eventually link up with the paved Lake Morena Shoreline Road. 

Three Sisters
It was good to be out in the countryside and enjoying a hike with good friends.


  1. Gorgeous! The terrain is much like Yarnell, without the smaller lake.

    Finally got a cabover camper, so maybe I'll make it your way this winter.

  2. Yes, there are similarities with your area. This is the land of chaparral and granite.
    Glad you got your self a camper so you can explore in more comfort. Hope all of the
    little projects needed to get it all safe and sound are not too $$.

    Come on over for a visit after the New Year.