Thursday, October 30, 2014


Spent three sessions at the Balloon Fiesta. This is a color photographer's play day with all of the color and angles that can be pictured. Due to the crowds a monopod was the tool to used to get sharper images. It was difficult to keep the numbers down as to what I would share with you.

Here are images from the first morning where it was clear, cold, but not too breezy.

The Dawn Patrol

What is going on here?
I have learned what was going on here. There was a balloon not inflated and the basket was in front of the second balloon. The balloonist just fired off his burners  either to check that they were working or as a photo op for a visitor. The result was
that the flame went high enough and was in front of the red balloon so we got this effect of the balloon being on fire. 

Owned by an Obstetrician :-)
In the afternoon we returned to the Balloon Park for the After Glow and Fire Works. The wind had picked up and they finally shut down the inflations due to it. The balloons were really moving about and it could have been a fire storm.

The second morning was also breezy and the winds were borderline on the ground, and got higher as one would move aloft just 100 feet. Due to safety concerns the morning liftoff and flights were cancelled. I still got some interesting pictures before we headed back to the hotel.

Waiting to fly

A Festival of Color

Looking In
 Once back at the Hotel it was time to finish packing, have a quick breakfast and "hit the road" for the back to San Diego.

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