Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The wind continued to blow through the night, and the temperature dropped. We had some precipitation during the night and I thought it was rain! Well, my thought processes were slightly befuddled, as when I emerged from the tent I discovered that we had had about an half inch of snow, and it was still snowing!! I looked forward to photographing with snow as an element in the pictures.

The Photographer Setting Out

This area is a photographers dream in that there are so many different composition possible. I spent almost three hours just wandering around and creating different compositions. 

Snowy Stepping Stones

Snow and Swirl

Snow Island in Sandstone
Finally we called it a morning and returned to our campsite for some breakfast and coffee. We then relaxed and took a nap until early afternoon when we once again went out with our cameras.
The afternoon was not as windy and the sun prevailed allowing for some more images. In hindsight I wish I had moved on more to another area for some different views. I know that I never made it to an area which I had visited two years ago. It was still lot of fun.

Geology Study

The Inner Ear

Sandstone Swirl

Red Lion

Swirls and Hills

Lollipop Rock

A Pathway

Swirls and Cone


  1. Wow those rock formations are wonderful. So looking forward to our visit to the Grand Canyon next month, we have never been to the USA before :) Diane

  2. Glad you liked the post.
    Know you will have a great time in Arizona/Grand Canyon, No. Rim next month.
    Safe travels to you.