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  This morning we originally headed for Horseshoe Bend Overlook for sunrise. Well, it was Easter morning and the overlook was over filled with viewers at 0430, about an hour before sunrise. We decided to move on to Lake Powell for our photography. We chose an area East of the Dam where we were the only ones there. We spent two hours wandering about and finding pictures. Some could be said to be macro, a lot show the geology of the area, and one shows a big view of Glen Canyon Dam and it’s infrastructure. 

Shoreline, Lake Powell

Shoreline Formation

Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge
 Which do you prefer, 1 or 2??
Desert Primrose
Desert Primrose 2

Sandstone Detail
Which do you prefer, 1 or 2??Mid-day today was devoted to exploring and photographing Secret Canyon. Secret Canyon is a slot canyon located on Navajo land with only private access.   A slot canyon is a narrow canyon, formed by the wear of water rushing through rock. It is significantly deeper than it is wide.

Secret Canyon 68

Secret Canyon -70

Secret Canyon 71

Secret Canyon 72

Secret Canyon 75
We, the four of us and our guide, had the canyon to ourselves for about two hours. We all had a grand time choosing different compositions of the swirling red sandstone.

Secret Canyon 77

Secret Canyon 79

Secret Canyon 89

Secret Canyon 91
In the evening we went off to the Toadstools for sunset. As you can see the formations do look like toadstools. While there we came across another photographer, Gary Ladd, who lives in Page. I know Gary from rafting the Colorado River with him, and seeing him around the North Rim, Grand Canyon. 

Once again, it is a small world.


Toadstools and Sunset Sky

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