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We had an early morning before breakfast shoot back at White Pocket. Once again we were out before sunrise, and today actually had some early sunlight. Our guide stayed back in camp collapsing tents, and preparing for our departure.  Breakfast was one consisting of breakfast bake goods, some fruit, yogurt, and  camp coffee.

Red Rock Waves

Swirling Rocks
After our return to Page, we were off to Canyon X. This is another slot canyon with limited access as it is on Navajo land and is monitored by the family that owns that area. As we entered the Canyon there was a great horned owl who oversaw the entry way. The canyon is relatively short but quite high so again it was a new experience and of course the light played differently on this day.

Great Horned Owl

Canyon X Sculpture

Canyon X Ceiling

Canyon X Keyhole
We enjoyed a Navajo Frybread Taco before checking into our hotel. After a brief rest break we were off to “The Fins” for sunset. This area is quite close to Page, and once again shows the diversity of the geology found around here. As you can see we had a good time trying to capture the “fins”.

Sandy Swirls
Claret Cup Cactus

Layers of Fins

Looking Up

A Look into the Fins
Afterwards we returned to Big John’s BBQ in Page for dinner.

The original schedule had us going to Desert View, Grand Canyon, for sunrise the next morning. Well I think I prevailed when I suggested we not do that as it was about a two hour drive from Page, and then afterwards we had a good ten to twelve hour drive home via Phoenix. (Sunrise would have been at about 0530 which would have meant we would need to leave Page by 0330!!) It would have made for a very long day, and we were all tired by then. As it was we were up and on our way by about 0630.We got home after about a 12 hour drive at 7 p.m.

It was a great trip, with many different photo adventures and experiences. As always, it was good to get home and unwind, and review and relive the trip through the pictures.

Happy Trails to all.

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