Saturday, November 3, 2012


A day on the plane - San Diego to Winnipeg via Denver.

All the flights went smoothly. on the flight from Denver to Winnipeg we had to hand over  our carry-on bag to be checked at the plane as the plane was a smaller size. We met a fourth member of our group while waiting for our flight to Winnipeg in Denver.

One of the assets of traveling with Lin is that due to her bad back we get to board planes early, and the shuttle between gates was very helpful. The other great asset is that the two of us
enjoy each other's company and work well together when traveling and photographing.

The weather on the flight to Denver was clear. I also was on the correct side of the plane to see the Grand Canyon as we flew by. I was able to pick out a few points, Mt. Hayden, and of course where the river turns to run East-West after running South. The smoke from the current managed fire on the North Rim was also visible. There were places where I could actually see the river as well. I was able to identify the Marble Canyon view that I have visited at Marble View along the North Rim. Then the views looking North from the Flagstaff area to the Vermillion Cliffs was interesting. George and I drove Rte. 89 a number of times this past summer for my visits to the physical therapist. I took a few pictures, and will include one or two here. It was also interesting to view Lake Powell from the air.

Our flight to Winnipeg was in the dark. We arrived on time 2100, then after passing through customs we needed to get to the Motel. That evolution was a bit long due to no
shuttle service to the motel from the airport, and then no food at the Inn. We finally
settled on running out to get something from Burger King. Now it is time for getting to bed
due it is now past midnight here. We will get an hour back due to the going back to CST.
Grand Canyon View from the Air

Looking North from Desert View Area

Lake Powell from the Air

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  1. Great views of the canyon. Glad the flight went well.