Monday, November 19, 2012


Homeward Bound  (Nov. 13-14)

After a full day on the Tundra Buggy it was time to repack some gear: winter boots, parka, winter pants (wool and storm) needed to go into the large duffel for checked baggage.

We returned to our B&B and took over the back hall as we had had to stash our gear out of the way so new guests could arrive. We were off to the train station about 1750 and were able to get our checked bags on the boarding cart. Then it was hurry up and wait for the call to board which came at 1910. All of us who were traveling coach were able to get double seats for the evening. This provides some stretching room when trying to get comfortable. There was plenty of leg room and leg rests for comfort.

Before the train loaded we could already see Northern Lights dancing in the sky. What we saw then was the best to date, but we had to ride through the night on the train. Mark said that they were a stage 4 show out of a possible 5! I did get some photographs of them but had to fight train movement, and window reflections. They were wonderful to see. I slept pretty well, but did wake up a few times and used the time for photography.

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  1. Such a beautiful yet eerie green glow.

    I don't think your "On to Winnepeg" post loaded. I get a message that says "Sorry, this page can't be found."