Monday, November 19, 2012



Once in Thompson we gathered our gear, and packed up the cars. The next stop was Pisew Falls for a late morning shoot. The light had not really changed and most of us were not dressed to do a lot, but it was still fun.

Our last night of travel was spent in Ashern which is about 2 hours North of Winnipeg. Lin and I had stayed there four years ago so we were hoping for an upgrade in accommodations. We were spread out between two motels and got to them about 2200 after a quick dinner at the roadside eatery. We stayed at the Sharptail Motor Inn. It was O.K.  They did have Internet service though.

Thursday morning we headed off early to get to Winnipeg where we had our last breakfast together as a group. About seven of us were flying out of Winnipeg. Another gentleman was flying out of Fargo, and the rest of the group was driving
South to Illinois/Wisconsin, and onto Colorado.

We had about 5 hours to kill while waiting for our flight. Lin has an acquaintance there who she has never met and wanted to try to meet up. That did not work out so we were off to downtown Winnipeg to see what we could photograph. As you can see we found a lovely Serbian Church, new building under construction, and a unique bridge structure. The latter could only be photographed from the car.

The flights went smoothly and we actually got home about on schedule. I guess we were very lucky that we were not flying yesterday with the computer problems that United had. We met several people in Denver who had not gotten home as scheduled, and were going to have to spend the night in Denver.

Stairway to Falls

Yellow colored is tannin in the water

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  1. Nice. The snow and ice by the falls look like cave formations. But it looks so cold.

    Disregard other comment about this post. Duh