Friday, November 23, 2012


 What a trip this has been. It was a whirlwind with lots of activity and wonderful photo opportunities. I met some wonderful people and learned more about the plight of the polar bears.

These magnificent bears live on the edge literally. They only eat when they are out on the ice which is late November into March. There primary source of food is the ring neck seal which provides lots of fat for the bears.They must come ashore when the ice breaks up. This past year only six bear cubs were seen and identified. The cubs are born in the Spring. The female will not get pregnant if it does not weigh a certain amount. The issue this past year was that the bears had a shortened season on the ice for a second or third year in a row due to the mild winter, and so did not get enough food.

These bears never really hibernate. They den up for giving birth, but the rest of the year they are out and about on the taiga waiting for winter. They come to the Churchill area because of the shoreline of Hudson Bay allows for the ice to form in the area earlier than other locations.

Here are some sites to see and learn more about these
magnificent creatures.

Here are other informative sites>>>>>

Another highlight of the trip was photographing and viewing the Northern Lights. We were able to at least view them six out of seven nights, and they got better every night.

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey. It was wonderful in my opinion.

Thank you for coming by.
Raven Maven

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